Lunesta 3 Mg


Lunesta is effective for the treatment of a sleep problem called Insomnia. Symptoms of insomnia are Trouble sleeping and waking up all night. The dosage of Lunesta in the quantity is as, i.e Lunesta 1 mg, Lunesta 2 mg, Lunesta 3 mg.

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Use of Lunesta 3 Mg:

If the patient continuously cannot fall asleep for a long day, the doctor prescribed him Lunesta 1 mg first, and its dose increased to Lunesta 3mg after checking up on the patient’s health condition. This medication relaxes the mind of the patient and he goes to good sleep.

Lunesta 3 Mg is not use for:

Lunesta 3mg should not use the patient who is the following category:

  • Liver disorder patient
  • Respiratory diseases patient as asthma, bronchitis
  • Depression patient
  • If the patient feels some allergy reaction after taking the medication. Such as itching, swelling, memory loss, confusion in decisions, etc.

Discontinuation of Using Lunesta 3 mg:

Suddenly withdrawal from the Lunesta 3mg can cause memory loss and confusion in decisions. If the patient is in poor health, then discontinuing or giving up the medicine can have bad effects on the body and mind and can become life in danger. The symptoms of Lunesta 3mg discontinuation include:

  • Vomiting
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Sleep disorder
  • Hallucination

Lunesta 3 mg Cannot Take with drug:

The doctor should check the physical and mental condition of the patient and give the correct advice. The patient also cooperates with the doctor. He/she gives all the information to the doctor on taking food supplements, drug addiction, and other medication. He should not take alcohol-related drugs during the medication.

FAQ on Lunesta 3 mg:

Should a pregnant lady stop Lunesta 3 mg before the third trimester?

The pregnant lady should go to the doctor who only can advise. If someone takes it without a prescription from the doctor, there can be a higher chance of pregnancy complications such as premature babies or low birth weight.

Is it safe to be with Lunesta 3 mg for long days?

Lunesta 3 mg is a high dose for the insomnia patient; which will consume after the guidance of the doctor. It is not safe for the patient If the patient takes a high dose for low disorder symptoms.

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