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Halcion pills use to treat the symptoms of Insomnia patients. The doctors only guide you to use this medication alone or with other medications.

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Halcion 0.125 mg comes in a tablet form used orally that cannot break or chew. This medication is taken once a day just before sleeping at night. Common side effects of Halcion 50 mg include headache, weakness, and itching on the body.

Taking Halcion 0.125 mg can cause drowsiness so try to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery until the medication will affect you.
The risk may increase if other medicines may interact with Halcion, Tell your doctor if you are including,

  • If you are taking the birth control pills
  • Any other vitamins medicine taking
  • Planning for the baby
  • Breastfeeding

Some precaution is taken during the Halcion:

  • Take the exact dose of Halcion 0.125 mg with the doctors’ prescription.
  • Take this medication right before you are going to the bed.
  • Do not take Halcion with alcohol.
  • Don’t take this medication if you feel an allergy after taking the medication.
  • Also not take more doses of the  Halcion.
  • Don’t use expired medicine Halcion.

For getting more information go to consult with the doctor or physician and tell them all the information about your health and food practice.

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