Oxycontin OC 30 mg


Oxycontin medication is prescribed by the doctor or healthcare to the patient who cannot recover from the normal pain killer. The prescription doses depend upon the patient’s health, medical situation, age, gender, etc. You never use this medication for normal pain.

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The medication is commonly prescribed for pain, it can be dangerous or even deadly if you will take it in large quantities.

The patient should follow the directions of the doctor or healthcare provider on how to take the medication. The medication should take orally on an empty stomach with a glass of water once a day right before you go to bed. Oxycontin OC 30 mg mixes in the bloodstream and suppressed the nervous system in the brain which helps to reduce pain.

When the patient uses the medication for a long time and most often is making a habit form of the medication. Different addictions symptoms are found in patients in different ways such as the patient being cut off from society, taking painkillers without a prescription, Visiting multiple doctors for getting the prescription of the pain killer, loss of appetite, etc.

You should go to your doctor and tell him freely how to withdraw the medication without any side effects.

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