Opana ER 20 mg


Opana ER 20 mg is an opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to severe pain such as pain of cancer patients and pain after surgery.

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Opana ER 20 mg pills are swallowed whole without breaking, chewing, crushing, or dissolving in water. During the treatment starts, the patients never consume alcoholic beverages, grapefruit, or any multivitamins medication. The interaction of alcoholic food or other drugs with Opana ER 20 mg may result in side effects for the patient.

After taking this medication the patient never drives any vehicle and operates the machine. Because he may fall into drowsiness after taking the pill which may risk the patient.

If you become pregnant or planning for a baby contact your doctor. It needs to discuss the benefits and risks of using Opana ER 20 mg while you are pregnant or planning for a baby.

Discuss any questions on the side effects of the medication with your doctor.

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